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WallPlanter Living Wall System

WallPlanter living wall system offers designers, robust solution to greening of exterior walls. The system has proved itself with many large installations in place for up to 7 years without the need for any replanting. Dramatically reduces pollution.

As with all of our ivy based systems, WallPlanter has a marked effect on PM10 pollution.

Based on our Green Screens, the WallPlanter system comprises of an aluminium planter and a metal framework onto which plants, typically ivy, are grown. The system, which features in-built irrigation, requires minimum maintenance and is suitable for a wide range of uses, including use in harsher environments. The system uses the latest technology to provide an insulated and highly favourable environment for the plants to ensure decades of healthy growth with minimum maintenance.

WallPlanter units take over two and a half years to grow before they are ready to install. There are six varieties of ivy available: Hedera helix ‘Woerner’, Hedera helix ‘Glacier', Hedera helix ‘Goldchild’, Hedera helix ‘Green Ripple’, Hedera helix ‘White Ripple’, Hedera ‘Hibernica’.

The units are then installed against a façade of a new or existing building.

The planter dimensions are 500mm (h) x 500mm (w) x 3900mm (l). Shorter lengths are available. The living screens in the planters can be grown to a maximum height of 2200mm. The total height of a complete unit, including screens, planter and brackets is 2850mm. The total weight of the planter with screens (3900mm) will not exceed 1450kg (completely saturated).

The WallPlanter system is particularly helpful in combating the rise of sub micron particulate pollution (MP10) in city environments.

Robust and Reliable

WallPlanter is a tried and tested system with proven reliability in the field. The robustness of ivy, which is evergreen and keeps its leaves all year round, makes it particularly suitable for harsher environments or in situations with low light.

Low Maintenance

The WallPlanter system is provided with water and nutrients through an automated irrigation system. Each planter is fitted with an efficient drainage system. Total maximum water used is less than 2.1l per square meter per week. Drainage (water loss) from the system once established is minimal. For the supply of water and nutrients a plant room / area of at least 2m2 is required. Ideally, this is situated as close to the living wall as possible.

The WallPlanter living wall system comes with a 10 year green guarantee, subject to conditions.

System Benefits

  • Improved air quality and fine dust absorption (PM10s)
  • Robust and reliable living wall system
  • Improves the urban environment
  • Graffiti prevention
  • More efficient use of area


  • Unit weight 1250kg - 1450kg (fully saturated)
  • Unit size 2850mm (h) x 3900mm (l) x 500mm (w). Also 2600mm and 1300mm lengths
  • Aluminium planters (3mm) with optional RAL colour
  • Integrated irrigation system
  • Insulation and drainage matting
  • Drainage outlets
  • Peat free substrate

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